Thoughts about blockly

Recently I had one of my many hissy fits about the disjointed state of software development and how trivial apps actually take a lot of effort to develop and deploy (probably more to deploy actually). Inevitably ended up wandering the realm of visual programming languages in the hope that humanity have finally invented a system for software development that isn't completely awful.

Needless to say I didn't find what I wanted but I found blockly. It's a nifty library for "represents coding concepts as interlocking blocks". It's very similar to scratch so if you are familiar with that project like I was, you'll feel right at home, if you are not, it's a visual programming language that allows you to develop quite a varied type of programs without much too hassle.

There are many good things to be said about blockly, since it's a javascript project, it can be easily embedded into whatever web application you want to develop, since it's web, most people will be familiar with the development and customization process.

When I tried using it I have felt that some good stuff that could be used to write programs was missing, most importantly functions for accessing the browser attributes and procedures. So I created a few things and uploaded my version of blockly, live version here and code here.

All is nice and well but there are a few problems with it:

Regardless it's a fun little project that I enjoyed playing with it a lot. Solving simple programming challenges with it was a brought me a joy that I have mostly forgotten since I left college. I cannot help but wish to work more with it and develop some integration with some tool like ansible or puppet or actually give it full IDE powers but this experiment was enough sidetracking for me now.